Duncan Piano Studio
Linda Duncan DOES NOT bore your child by picking a piano book and going from beginning to end. Instead, she selects the musical pieces to the individual interest and skill level of the student. Thanks to Linda, my two children know how to play a variety of genres: classical, jazz, Broadway, film scores, pop, patriotic, and holiday. Linda Duncan's personality is a plus when it comes to teaching, the kids love her enthusiastic and dynamic style. Her student recital in May is a true showcase of musical ability and achievement year after year. Her studio is nice, and she is also very organized and communicates very well with parents regarding lessons and scheduling.
Date of Posting: 21 July 2012
Posted By: Maria Komaromy-Hiller
John's and Szofia's mom, Edgewood, KY
I want to recommend Linda because I had the pleasure of her teaching services as a first time piano player at 29. I was initially intimidated to jump into the musical world at a later age than normal, but Linda's creative teaching style and her understanding of what people enjoy about playing music has given me enthusiasm and kept me in the classes as a very interested student. We started as slow as I needed, but she made sure I was challenged with each new lesson. She has a great understanding of how to teach musical concepts in a more applied format, expanding concepts as the lessons progress, and as a student, I appreciated this honest and creative style of teaching. I would recommend her to anyone, whether they are wanting to start learning how to play the piano, or if they are wanting to get back into lessons from their childhood. She is a great teacher.
Date of Posting: 23 April 2010
Posted By: Tom Graff
Northern KY
Linda is the greatest! My daughter, Alli, who is ADD, started piano lessons with another teacher who was not able to reach her. Linda has been able to teach Alli and keep her interested. Not only is Linda a very patient person, but she is an expert at pulling my daughter back when she begins to wander and lose focus. When Alli first started piano lessons, she complained about going - now she looks forward to every lesson and can't wait to get there. Linda makes piano fun as well as educational. I highly recommend her!
Date of Posting: 01 April 2010
Posted By: Cindy Fajardo
Northern KY

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