Linda L. Duncan

Private Piano Teacher

My life is the best! I get to share my passion for the piano and music with all of the students that I teach! My name is Linda Duncan and I am very eager to work with you on the piano. I have been teaching the piano for over 25 years, both privately and in groups at various schools and in my studio.

Growing up I took private piano lessons for over 16 years along with the violin as my second instrument of choice. After high school, I first attended Western Kentucky University on both a Presidential and a Music Scholarship. I later transferred to Northern Kentucky University to complete my degree, graduating with honors with a Bachelor of Music Education Degree (certified to teach all forms of music in grades K-12).

Currently I work with students, ages 4 ½ to 76, with varied levels of musical skills from beginner through advanced. (This proves that you are never too old to try out the piano!) Many students are new to the piano and others returning to improve their skills. Some students start with the piano to learn both the treble and bass clefs and then move smoothly to other instruments in middle or high school.

Piano lessons teach so many things: both the treble & bass clefs, improves math skills (addition, subtraction & fractions), improves eye & hand coordination, builds self-confidence & self-discipline, improves attention span and helps with problem solving (when planning how to learn & perform a new piece). Memorizing a piece for performance also improves memory skills which transfer to daily activities.

In my teaching experience I have worked with many students with special needs: Attention Deficit, Hyper-Activity, Spinal Bifida, Dyslexia, Autism and Tourette’s Syndrome. Piano has given these students a new avenue to express themselves.

My motto is: Piano lessons are a gift that lasts a lifetime!

Private Piano Lessons